Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Coal-burning Power Plants recieve message from the leftists at the EPA

The message? Clean up , or shut down.
Seems no one over at the EPA has a very long memory.
If they did, they'd remember those rolling blackouts that plagued Kalifornia after they tightened down and shut down plants.....without instituting a real plan first.

Just saying. If you receive your power from one of these plants, you might want to invest in a generator.


Anonymous said...

You're darn right about this. The company owning the coal-fired power plant in my Michigan hometown appears to have decided that they don't want to invest in the expensive EPA upgrades and are going to close the plant down. The town is already a casualty of the Rust Belt, has been undergoing terrible economic times of late, and is desperately trying to deal with huge budget problems and attract new jobs. Close that plant; and the town loses its single, remaining large payer of property taxes; gets 100 plus plant jobs cut, not to mention the rebound effect on the lake freighters and the railroads bring in the clean coal from the West; and the electric bills will start climbing for citizens and turn off any industry thinking of relocating to a place where unemployment and the working poor have been a staple. Damned, stupid shame!

The Bulletproof Monk said...

I am truly sorry to hear of the plight to a small town that doesn't seem to matter in the bigger, more brilliant scheme of the lefty enviro-whackos.
I'm from a small town, myself. In our town , it was the foundry.

You have brought a number of ancillary, and absolutely relavent, points to the loss of the number one job creator in these towns...the railroad and trucking business that depends on it for their survival, etc. These are all things that did not enter the (narrow)minds of those who worship at the alter of "who want's to make some money" green-ness. s one of our more cheeky activists calls them..."Gang Green".

Hang in there, and let's hope the Senate flips so we can reverse or deal with the EP the same way that Eric Holder is being made accountable. Government has gotten too big when it can strip away a life's work on a whim.

Anonymous said...

I can't agree more with you sir. I come across your blog by chance and saw that we have two minds that think alike. I myself am from a small town in upstate New York, where me, my brothers, and my daddy all worked at the same plant. Problem is we had the same problem - liberal green maniacs who think its all about the environment and not at all about people. I think Al Gore has it too good to realize what these regulations do to jobs and so he brainwashes people to think coal is bad and to put people out of jobs so he can get rich. If I may sir, I myself would like to mention a few problems with the current "green" issue.

- First, people who aren't from coal provider towns are too willing to listen to politicans

- Usually liberals like to talk down on nuclear power, so why don't they embrace coal?

- Can the EPA really say that people should go without power and jobs just too save a few trees?

- Killing our coal plants is killing our small communities.

- Young people are to willing to listen to liberals in the media like Al Gore and the EPA who are telling them propaganda

- Our influence is to small to fight the leftists propaganda against coal

- Unfortunately, I don't even know how to fight it anymore.

Sorry to type so much but for all intensive purposes this issue is destroying my home town to.

The Bulletproof Monk said...

Thank you for the feedback. The blog and my time to mind it are returning in small increments. I hope to be back up and fulltime in the next month.