Friday, December 30, 2011

As we leave 2011

I'm proud to have stood with so many able and capable activists. We rocked Loudoun County....filled Board of Supervisor's chambers numerous times in the name of one good fight after another.

I could go thru a list of you all...but inevitably, I'd miss someone who did incredible things for the movement...and so I'll refrain from referencing the particular persons. The list of great candidates should head any list, because without them, the races weren't possible.

The CBPO fell. In poll after poll, it was voted against with a 70% margin against it. It was the stuff that Republican wins are made of.  Numerous times, when I walked into a house to discuss the elections, I left a home where the occupants were intent on seeing the  incumbent (or whoever they endorsed) was going to be ousted.
That required research. We were blessed to have one of the premiere researchers right in the ranks.
Her work on the CBPO, as well as Dulles Rail are going to be invaluable as we move forward.

The tradgedy at the end of that trail for the Catoctin District (by the LCRC mechanism..or lack of it) was met with a group of the best  people I've ever seen operate. They covered EVERY precinct, and every shift...after covering every house in neighborhoods for the 4 months before that. It is truly inspiring to see that team work, and Geary Higgins and Dick Black know who those folks are. Of particular note was the new Hamilton Precinct. The Lovettsville Precincts started the roll..and the Hamilton Precinct took us to a lofty position that insured we could probably not be beat. By the time that Harper Park came online, it was over for the competition. Thanks again to those who had the Precinct Captain restored to her rightful place there.

All- in- all, we've left the County in better shape than it was in. Of course, there are some rocky edges that will come up, but I hope we're all communicating better than the last bunch was. What we have going forward, are a shared vision to create a larger commercial sector that can relieve the current residential burden, and a shared desire to create a government oversight committee to trim fat where it can be trimmed.

I'm on a brief vacation for the New Year, and will use the time to unwind, spend more time with the Missus, and prepare the next battle plan. I'll look forward to reconnecting with all of the fine folks in January as we move towards March, and the challenges it will bring.

Happy New Year to my friends and readers. I hope yours is a fantastic New Year full of opportunity, family and friendship.

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