Wednesday, February 9, 2011

More LAME DUCK parting gifts...

Seems that Virginia's Senator is throwing in the towel after his particularly unpopular vote against Repeal of the travesty of Government administered healthcare.

In coverage of this breaking event, Virginia Virtucon adds the possibility of Tim Kaine filling the void for the Democrats. That'll be interesting as well. Kaine had allowed the amassing of almost $3BIL into the back halls and far corners of VDOT, while imposing further taxes to fleece the taxpayer for more.

Seeing a pattern here? Democrats pass something, obviously against the will of the People, and then facing overwhelming tides in re-election, they suddenly "decide" not to embarass themselves by adding a defeat to their already damaged reputations.
One has to wonder if that logic is from the top down, or the bottom Stevens Miller, Susan Buckley, and Sally Kurtz have all stepped out of the upcoming Supervisor's races. One can further rationalize their votes for the travesty and land grab of the CBPO by relating that they won't have to run for the office afterwards.

In Miller's case, this may backfire, because he's indicated a desire for a higher office that will probably contain some of the same folks he tried to screw over at a county level....and one can suppose that he thinks that folks will just forget his abysmal record as a Supervisor.

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