Sunday, February 6, 2011

Land Grab still in the works.

Amazingly, Some of the Supervisors STILL DON'T GET IT.
The American People saw a Congress full of blowhards and thugs who bribed, bargained and conducted business out of sight to deliver draconian and unconstitional law onto the People's backs. What came next was predictable.

Evidently, these turds seem to think that they are immune to that backdraft.
Here's a call to come out and do it again. Pressure needs to be applied to this issue. When and if they actually are stupid enough to pass it --- there will be MORE THAN ENOUGH help out there to get rid of them. There will be more than enough support to repeal this turd.
Expect another venue demanding that Laura Edmunds resigns or is canned.
I expect county employees to perform their dutues without bias, and definitely without lying to me.....since I'm paying their salaries.

Loudoun Environmental Council update
Supervisor York’s Comments & LEC Efforts Shift Momentum Against the CBPO

Leesburg, Va. – At the February 1 Board of Supervisors’ (BoS) meeting Loudoun County staff member Laura Edmonds gave a lengthy presentation on the merits of the Chesapeake Bay Protection Ordinance (CBPO). BoS Chairman Scott York responded to her presentation by stating, “The Plan does not do anything to protect water (streams) or to clean the water going into them...All you are doing is taking a land grab...I’m not voting for the Plan.”

Loudoun Environmental Council (LEC) volunteers frequently encountered opinions similar to Mr. York’s while going door-to-door in three county supervisor districts educating property owners on the ordinance.

Chairman York conducted an online poll that asked constituents whether or not to proceed with the CBPO. As of February 1, over 70% of the respondents voted no. After carefully weighing the science and the economic impact of the ordinance, the Chamber of Commerce, Economic Development Commission, Farm Bureau, wine industry, realtors, and nearly 90% of the homeowner association stakeholders now oppose it. Of the 50 homeowners who spoke on the subject at the BoS’s public input session on January 18, 84% voiced their strong opposition to the ordinance. Additionally, every single member of the public who spoke about the issue at the public input session on January 31 spoke against the ordinance.

LEC founder Roy Jacobsen adamantly stated, “The proposed ordinance has little or nothing to do with the Chesapeake Bay and will not work to clean our rivers and streams. It deprives the suburban homeowner, the farmer-- and even HOAs -- the use of their own land. It imposes unreasonable regulation, and worse, liability for actions the average person would not realize violated any law. The EPA and the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) agree these proposed regulations are not necessary.”

Despite the evidence of public opposition, several supervisors insist on pressing forward with the CBPO. The LEC plans to step up its grassroots efforts to enable citizens to voice their own educated opinions on the issue. A petition opposing the CBPO can be accessed online at

Further debate and BoS action on the CBPO was put off until the next business meeting on Tuesday, February 15, 2011. Concerned citizens are welcome to attend and participate at a public input session on Monday evening, February 14, 2011.

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