Monday, September 14, 2009

Purely Gifted!!

Two young journalists (yes, NYT and WaPO, this is what investigative reporting REALLY is) take out ACORN with a series of undercover captures, and the Census organization is nervous and divorces itself from the organizer turds.

Wait for it!!! Guess WHERE the next installment was filmed?? My bet is Chicago.

O'keefe and Giles deserve a medal! They've done what the Congressmen either couldn't, or were so entrenched and dirty with that they wouldn't.
Hat tip to these young and brilliant truth seekers.

I can only hope that Congress now sees that they need to defund and get ACORN out of the Nation's business. We've known they were dirty from the start, but nobody wanted to rock that boat. Now it's taking on water...and new holes keep popping in the boat. Let it sink, I say.

Update: In an overwhelming margin (83-7) the Senate has voted to deny ACORN $169 MIL. It's even more interestingt to note that Stuart Smalley voted to kill the ACORN conveinance as well.

Update: Yet another office of ACORN bites the big hook. This time it's California.
I still think there's a whole series of these reports and linked videos, and I'm still waiting for Chicago's turn.

Update: The House OVERWHELMINGLY withdraws even larger portions of ACORN's funding.
It is absolutely every American's job to spot any instance of ACORN (or it's many tentacles)thwarting transparency and attempting to dive back into the hog trough.

True stuff is always the funniest, folks.

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