Friday, September 11, 2009

9.11 is a deeply emotional day .

It is with a heavy heart that we remember the victims in Shanksville, the Pentagon and the Towers. It is with a heavy heart that we remember those who took the fight to the enemy in the years after that attack.
But I find lighter emotion when I reflect on the unity that Americans find on this day. There is still an overwhelming amount of the feelings that are the foundation of "If you pick on even the least of us, you have to deal with all of us."

I honor the sacrifice of every family who has faced the loss of a loved one, whether they be a victim in any of the attacks, the first responders who bravely went in to do what they must, or the families of servicemen who desired to seek out those who attacked us wherever they found them to make this "right".

For those still engaged in Afghanistan and cleaning up Iraq, I pray for your safety, and humbly thank you for your dedication to purpose eight years after this monstrosity.

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