Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Loudoun Independent on the way out....again.

Squeeking by last February with the implementation of Chapter 11 bankruptcy, it appears that John Geddy, Jr. is chasing that elusive end again by sacrificing his journalistic standard when he accepted a packaged story, complete with bow, that seriously defamed a local gentleman running for office in the 32nd.

Tag Greason, who is a personal friend and all around great guy, is the target of the democrat-dropped bomb requiring digging back in time to 1996 (beginning to see a pattern in the democrat's available tools, platforms and resources here?) to find a non-issue and try to turn it into a campaign issue. I presume this is their "nuclear option" and is brought to bear because they know that Tag's competition for the 32nd District will probably lose in November.

The issue itself is discussed here

As usual, Ric does a bang up job of tearing the story apart and performing in-depth inspection of the parts that compose the "facts" that Geddy forgot.

This may be another reason for the rise of blogs and the demise of "dead trees" - as Ric puts it.

I still remember that in the Presidential race back in 2008, one of Tag's democrat-leaning neighbors had his Obama sign stolen. Tag got him another one. I'm ecstatic that this is how the democrats repay that act of kindness...revealing that no good deed goes unpunished.


Anonymous said...

One sided? Not.

Democrats were upset at the same writer for the negative article on Miller.

The Bulletproof Monk said...

Where exactly---did I say one- sided??
Geddy is guilty of not practicing journalism...but I never accused him of being one-sided. I saw the flummery about Miller by the apologists.
He went to print without so much as a fact check or details.
Then tried to make it better with three sentences.
Evidently, I do more research before I print on this blog than Geddy does to print stories to his paper.