Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Lt. Col. Shamil al-Jabouri, may Allah smile upon your face

Lt. Col. Shamil al-Jabouri was killed in the early morning hours of Wednesday (Baghdad time)in Mosul. He had previously been targeted 5 times by Al Queda.And it took three bombs to get him this time. This is how he'll be remembered as a great man and leader, and also demonstrating the lackluster proficiency of the idiots who killed him, and the utter bafoonery, reminiscent of the keystone cops, with which they operated. I apologise to the keystone cops, actually.

He was a beacon of light , and saw his job as bringing about freedom, which drove Al Queda nuts, because they represent the very oppression of the people of Iraq.

Seems to have run in his family, too. Lt. Col. Shamil al-Jabouri has 3 brothers who are also policemean charged with the safety of Iraqi citizens. I pray for their safety as they do the work that's required to liberate Iraq from her oppressors.
I also offer prayers for the Lt. Colonel's wife and four children.

I mourn the loss of such great men. He may have been aware of it, and he may not have been aware of it...but he was awash in the sentiment of the old saying...
" All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"

Rest, Lt. Col. Shamil've earned it. You will be missed, and thankfully, there are thousands of others who believe as you did. May you see the face of Allah, and know his grace for the truly enlightened.


Anonymous said...

The entire world groans with pain when a patriot of freedom like Shamil al-Jabouri leaves it.It would have been an honor to know you.May God bless your family,rest in peace.

Anonymous said...

God bless him. A tough man, facing tough odds, who did the right thing, even though it was the hard thing.

Anonymous said...

May he rest in peace and share in all the promises. You said what needed to be said well, thank you.

The Bulletproof Monk said...

I truly mourn the good and decent.
He was one of many great people leading Iraq out of a dark age under Saddam.