Friday, December 3, 2010

And just like that....there it was...

I like to browse back thru old postings at a number of political blogs every once in a while. Tonite, I was going back thru the history of my "warming" to Howie Lind....kinda like a refresher on how I got here.... month by month, if you will.

The last response in a particular thread caught my eye. Didn't mean anything back then. But has taken on a whole new meaning/explanation of the strange bedfellows I heard about back on October 9th. Seems like they were working near enough to each other to forge that new alliance back in May of 2010.
Too Conservative
by:Voice of Reason
on May 20th, 2010 at 10:05pm

"Guess who is a alive and well and selling real estate in Purcellville right across the street from Lazaro’s church. Yep! DPM, working her way back in and back up, right next to the Purcellville rino/dino/inde mayor. Still not sure what his political or religious affiliation is. Changes like the weather. DPM is representing carrington homes, subsid. of Lerner. Wonder what the western clan has planned for the LCRC? Watch out, it is not wise to play with self serving *#&%$@ (people) disguised as “friends”."

Emphasis is mine. I'd heard that she was assembling a "deathstar"... and the particulars were right there in that golden comment at the end of a dead thread.
Oh, well. It's not 2011 yet, and forewarned is fore-armed.

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