Friday, September 10, 2010

As if we weren't mad enough...

(responding tongue-in-cheek to the woman who wrote the LTE "Now Republicans are mad?" to the Leesburg rag. In her letter, she goes down a really idiotic avenue where in she demonstrates her ignorance when she intimates that "the Supreme Court handed Bush the 2000 election". Anyone with half a brain understands that the Florida Supreme Court violated the law/constitution when they elected to "create" a law on how to count chads -- instead of convening the legislation to make a law on the matter, and when the SCOTUS called them on it, dems who have no use for the Constitution have repeated this turd, ad nauseum.....)

Lookee here. Seems that Lil' Timmy Geitner was just the tip of the iceberg....
Without giving names- 41 people in the current Administration (so adept at taxing you and me) are pulling a "Leona Helmsley" on the rest of us ("only little people pay taxes") by failing to pony up for the $831K that they owe in back taxes.
But wait, it gets worse. Remember the lashing dems gave Rangle?? Whatever will they do with the House of Representatives, where 421 people owe a total $6,524,892. (you DO KNOW that there are only 435 people in that body, right?
What about the Senate, where 217 people owe $2,774,836. That HAS GOT TO INCLUDE SOME STAFF, too.

But hold's still coming.

Treasury Department 1,204 people owe $7,670,814 in back taxes.
Labor Department 463 people owe $7,481,463 in back taxes.
Federal Reserve System -Board of Governors 81 people owe $1,076,733 in back taxes.
Justice Department 1,971 employees owe $14,350,152 in back taxes.
Homeland Security 4,856 people owe $37,012,174 in back taxes.

Read the full details and the breakdown of the full tab

Common Cents Blog does a great report with Video of more tricks and trinkets by Dems that clearly show that they think they are entitled to take full advantage of their positions in order to fill their bank accounts.

Update: Ric over at HoodaThunk opines about the INTENT of Dems to see not paying taxes as perfectly acceptable here.


Featherhead said...

A polite question, Monk: You say "this administration" and "Dems" as if all the nonpayment of taxes started after Obama's election and only involves Democrats. That's not true, is it, so why push your readers toward that impression?

It is bad that Federal employees don't pay their taxes, but it's also bad that you try to make a false and misleading political point out of it.

The Bulletproof Monk said...

Look, Featherheavery aware that it is you, not I, who's looking for political points here.
This Administration has become famous for a high number of their appointments not being "up" on their tax obligations. I didn't make that up -- it's a fact.So the facts are promoting that my statements ARE true....and painfully so, it appears.
As for me pushing any partisan issues -- there are 435 elected figures in the House, and 100 in the Senate.Look at the numbers for those two entities, do a little math (the non-fuzzy type) and you can assume that there are indeed some republicans in the numbers I've set forward. I do not care what persuasion they are, so long as they do not expect me to meet a bar that they themselves consider to be beneath them.

The Bulletproof Monk said...

Featherhead....I don't know where the heavery came from. Apologies for that.