Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The end is near....


This is what you're left with after a couple more takeovers. After they control everything, and owe their soles (yes, their very shoes and everything else) to the Chinese....This is the one who'll go down in history as the albatross around America's neck. Unfortunately, it's the democrats ...or America.

Early reports are giving America the edge over those democrats.
Polling now suggest that the independent voters actions in recent days say that "passing the health care bill constitutes an "abuse of power by the democrats."

Yeah....those same independents that helped elect this travesty. Those numbers reflect some pretty intense buyer's remorse. And in more proof that democrats are truly ignorant of Constitutional issues, 70% of them are okay with that twisting and turning lack of bipartisan outreach just witnessed.

But in a refreshing turn of events, the chickens are coming home to roost immediately this time. A sizable number of larger companies are adjusting their tax and profit statements to reflect the impact of what the democrats just did to them. This solidly links what Republicans said would happen, and what actually came to pass...exactly as those Republicans foretold.

Obama isn't the answer, he only created a bigger boondoggle.

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