Saturday, March 6, 2010

The deed is done.

Mark Sell has outmanuevered Candace Strother for the Chairmanship of the LCRC.
Are darker days ahead of us? I can't say, because the optimist in me wants to believe that Mark meant what he said before the LCRC in a February 2010 meeting.

Candace is gracious in her consession.
Dear Friends and Fellow Republicans,

On March 6, a brilliant sun splashed Saturday, 970 Loudoun voters came out to cast their ballot for our next Chairman of the LCRC. Standing there for the four hours that our canvass took place, shaking hands and talking with folks from all walks of life, it was encouraging and exciting to see the steady stream of people coming to cast their ballots. This is good news indeed for our Party.

I was also struck again by the wonder that is America, that here we assemble peacefully to choose our leaders, even at this the level of County Chairman. We all share the common conviction of our Founding Fathers that this democratic process is superior to all other forms of choosing leaders.

And so yesterday the choice was made. By a vote of 512-458, the voters chose Mark Sell to be the next LCRC Chair and he gets my congratulations for a hard fought race and well wishes for future success.

For those who voted for me, I send a heartfelt thank you – your emails and comments were encouraging beyond measure and I’ve made many new friends. For all those that worked so hard in our campaign I am forever grateful and am inspired by your dedication and leadership.

As I said over and over again during my campaign, there is a battle going on for the soul of America and Loudoun County. We must now come together and be about the fight before us.


Mark tells us that he'll Chair us all, and be inclusive of all members. That he wants to keep the team in place and unite us all. I'm very hopeful that he means it. Ric James and I are waiting with much concern to see if that is indeed what emerges in the coming years.

I'm somewhat apprehensive about the full two year pull, however. I predict here...that Mark will start out clean, but that in a year....the Committee will be a different animal as elements around Mark forget that we're all working together and begin to step over the rest of us on their one-way ticket to the dark ages ....
That'll prompt some action from me. So, it's best advised to keep me pacified. Run it by the book (the RPV Party Plan), folks--and you need not worry whether I'm with you.

Candace Strother is still a strong presence in Loudoun, and I predict that you've not seen the last of the girl. I offer a personal thanks to Candace for stepping into the race and offering to lead us. With your tons of experience, and generous nature,we could have been even greater in 2011.

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