Monday, March 23, 2009

Site additions and traffic

Many avid readers will have noticed the addition of my Stat Counter under my profile, and the redesign of the blog.
I added the counter back in 2008, a couple of months after the creation of the site.
Then on February the 23rd, exactly one month ago, the site achieved a statistical high point. I logged 500 visitors in 22 days...a little under a month.
Two notable occasions have been observed since that month. On March 17th, I can only assume that people were feeling the Irish spirit, because I logged 56 unique visitors that day. I've come close to that number a couple of days before that, and have received visitor numbers in the low fifties a couple of times since.

I've been challenged on other sites as to the validity of my claims on visitors.
So, a couple of days ago, I reset the counter and decided to make the numbers public.
Visitors can see the number of page calls, but won't be able to see the IP addresses, or the number of returning visits, but will see the actual number of "hits" the site receives.

Keep in mind that when the actual "page calls" hits 500, I usually copy the log for posterity and reset the counter.
The site appears to have logged 202 unique hits in a wee bit over a week. I stretched the graph out to encompass March 21st traffic on one end to traffic up till 13:49 HRS on March 29th...
And I had 68 returning visits over those 8 days. At this rate, and provided I do indeed update the material on the front page, I could beat my 500 visit mark inside of 30 days. We'll see.


Joe Budzinski said...

Keep soldiering on, Monk. With my blogs I went many months at the 500 uniques a month level. It is the dues we all have to pay.

Eventually you will come up with some google-lanches, and create some scraps, that will bring the traffic spikes.

I am certain that if you want to create a scrap, by the way, the denizens of NVTH will be willing and ready to assist.

R.S. McCain has a funny and sort of useful post here

I especially recommend paying heed to Rule 5. We got literally thousands of Sarah Palin hits, and ditto on Danica Patrick hits, at the appropos times. I'd be happy to share the few secrets I know over an adult beverage sometime.

The Bulletproof Monk said...

Thanks, Joe.

I've never participated in No.1
I've tried No.2 a couple of times, as the issue warranted.
I've baited No. 3, but never attracted them
I'm WELL covered in No.4
And as far as N0.5 goes... I haven't covered sect.A, while I did delve into B.(big yellow trucks are all the rage)
And C & D were considered too far out there to be considered seriously...although I am thinking right now.....

The Bulletproof Monk said...

Make that an adult beverage after a day at a local range, and it's a deal. I'm almost legally concealed carry now.

Joe said...

I will look forward to it!