Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Loudoun to get Green Energy?

Seems Green Energy Partners/Stonewall LLC is moving forward on producing local power, and in fantastic news, is going to pursue green initiatives as the proponents of the facility.
Listed as alternatives are natural gas, Solar and waste water from nearby Leesburg to steam .
Local developer John Andrews, with his father, propose to spend $800 MIL to build the 600 -megawatt plant. It would also use Solar Arrays to add 300-megawatts to peak hours delivery.
And finally, it would use waste water from Leesburg to power steam turbines instead of merely flowing downriver into the Chesapeake Bay. Andrews has predicted an approximate $10 MIL in property taxes to the County.

More importantly, some readers know that I'm all for local power generation that defies huge interstate transmission lines that merely pass through the County, never yeilding so much as a volt to Loudoun.

Here's to John and the others who have taken the challenge and embraced "green" power.


An MIT Grad said...

I agree BPM. Thanks for pointing this out.

A dirty little secret that Dominion Power, PATH, TRail and other proponents of the burning of far-away, high-sulphur, mountaintop coal for electrical power generation will never tell us about is that an incredible amount of power is lost via the ohmage (electrical line conduit resistance) in these multi-state powerlines. That's right: we waste millions of volts pushing those amps over these long-distance powerlines.

Local produced clean power avoids this waste and reduces the need for those monstrosity powerlines like PATH.

The Bulletproof Monk said...

I'm also looking into a Republican who's appearing in Allegheny's PATH advertisements...
Anyone with information on Clinton Miller is encouraged to contribute that info, even anonymously, so that I can get a post up challenging his defense of the filthy coal-burning lack of technology.
I'd also welcome him to investigate the desires of the people, divorce himself from the power company, and fight with us, rather than against us.