Thursday, February 5, 2009

The dudgeons against The Imperial We.

Seems that NUMEROUS calls were going out to the Federal Trade Commission in past days. Surprisingly, a number of them predated the actual vote by Loudoun County Supervisors. Apparently, members of the general public, having a true sense of fair play, exercised their dialing and e-mail fingers and contacted the one place that they knew would take their concerns seriously. One needs to wonder if, in fact, it was citizens who alerted the FTC when the topic was addressed at the dais the other day.

This post is not to point fingers at particular Supervisors (although some might actually need to be pointed out--it won't be done here), but to point to the larger phenomenon. Citizens actually going outside the channels and acting for the betterment of their community.

If you're a steady BPM reader, you're aware that I made a call to all citizens to contact the FTC in my last post. What I did not know at the time is... there was already two citizen-inspired undertakings to do exactly that. As one detractor of my policy beliefs coined..."The Imperial We" endeavors to run things in this county. This is proof positive that they do. It also identifies that collective as concerned citizens, not political hacks...not paid advocates... just plain 'ol citizens...and lots of them.

This is most welcomed by public policy advocates (of the unpaid status-- which I am a proud member of) and in keeping with the tenets of a representative Government by the very people it serves. It pointedly takes aim at anyone who dares to go against the desires of the citizens, and isn't that who our elected representatives said they wanted to represent?

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