Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Did INOVA pull the Snow over our eyes??

Did INOVA pull the Snow over our eyes in the last moments of the Hospital vote?
And for those who don't actually follow, Mr. Miller has ALWAYS driven a used Jeep.
This is the last evidence of a failing and grasping campaign for Dulles by someone who just keeps on giving even after the citizens sent him packing back in 2007.
Snow fake car ad

Did INOVA's strategists do the same thing in the final moments of the vote??
Roll out an orchestrated lie straight in front of us while they misdirected our attention "over there" to a sideshow?
I'm researching and documenting an angle that might make some raise eyebrows across the county.
As far as the cyber-discussions go, we have only two "expert" housewives trying to hold up an intense defense of INOVAs practices...and not very well, I might add. (witness the misleading statements there and at TC regarding "an existing COPN on Rt 50 "--which doesn't exist, and such great thoughts as "checking a box" that will magically realign the State's COPN location formula)
I think that new information that's coming in and will be reported here will not only clarify and remove the double standard being applied to HCA, but also be pretty hard to undermine, because it'll be the truth, not some magical misdirection that side-steps the truth.

Until then, we have another Public input session before the BOS on Tuesday, February 17th at 9:30. I ask all county residents who would like to see the FTC weigh in and give suggestions to the the Loudoun BOS, show up that morning and ask the Board to delay the final decision until they have this final piece of the puzzle , and then they can proceed. They owe that much to the county residents. Show up and remind them of their responsibility to us.

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