Tuesday, April 27, 2010

If someone would have actually taken 10 to 1 odds...

I'd be a very rich fellow right now.
I did my part in keeping quite for a couple of months. Aside from hoping aloud that Mark Sell really meant his inclusive mantra....I was never critical.

The LCRC had it's first meeting last night, and in the tail of that meeting, my outlook has changed. All the meeting was lacking was circus music. The clowns were all over the big ring, right next to the troop of monkeys attempting to fornicate with a football.

We started out well enough, with Mr. Sell giving kudos to the immediate past team and especially it's Chairman, Glen Caroline. "Okay, we're off to a great start, so far" I said to myself.

When the announcement came of their officers.....the dread started. A virtual who's who of malcontents and bumblers who's candidates have lost more elections over a 8 year period than I can even count.

A Communications Chair who's not even technically savvy enough to run that first class website that our Communications and web guy built.

More newbies from God-only-knows-where who didn't have a clue about what the team before them had accomplished in 2009, and not smart enough to realize that those in 2009 had actually greased the skids towards any victories that might occur.

Well, dingbats....those opportunities evaporated when you tried to ramrod the TWICE DECORATED Best District Chair on the Committee. Recognized by McDonnell and Bolling.
Retired and putting in 40 hour weeks for nothing but the Party needs.
And you jag-offs pushed him to the side and elected a stammering joke.

Mr. LaRock....you wanted it. Well, you'd better DAMNED WELL produce the results. If you do... I'll be the first to say "attaboy" and buy you a beer. But fail, and I really hope you have thick skin, partner.

Attempting to use those invalid proxies to attempt a coup will haunt you till the day you move out.

The choice for the Broadlands Chairman is also interesting. Given that 2010 is a Frank Wolf reelection, why would a Republican Committee elect a confirmed Wolf hater to any District post? Jack Ryan is on record as saying "the Congressman can no longer count on my support in the future". Why, then....is he anywhere near a position that is supposed to handle the votes FOR Frank Wolf?

I've now moved into "wait-n-see" mode to watch what further rules and procedures thay can break and fracture..... When it gets to be too much, further action will be called for, and I'm pretty sure I know some folks who actually own a wrecking ball.

At the rate these clowns are going...it's as if they WANT to lose in 2011.

But it gets worse. As many of you know, Howie Lind, Kate Gunter and JoAnne Chase ran for State Central Committee. The jagovs in Loudoun and Prince William started pushing this because their boy got jerked from the Chairman's position after abusing the power of that office for personal gains.
In order to assure that they'd never have to take a back seat to rational republicans again....they stormed the 2008 10th District Convention (complete with Ron (Ru) Paul reinforcements at the ready) and elected three SCC people to replace those in NoVa.

The ultimate plan was to overtake Loudoun, Fairfax, Prince William and move on to Fauquier County and beyond. Once they control enough of the power seats in this area, they wanted to leverage the RPV to readdress the Party Plan to their favor.
What many do not seem to recognise is clearly visible from the 30,000 ft view. They want to restack the deck in their favor in order to elect and run the Party the way "they" deem fit.

One big problem(and trust me...it's an alien concept to them)is that the Virginia Republican Party "Plan" was negotiated , worked on, and actually put in place with the blessing of the United States Justice Department to work fluently with the Voter's Act passed by the United States Congress, which is also vigorously enforced by the Justice Dept.

When they've moved enough of the mountain in Virginia, where will they place the first shovel in the Justice Dept? Bypassing some sections of the Voter's Act could carry fines, and even prison time for blatant and provable efforts to sidestep the spirit of the law.

Proceed with caution.


Loudoun Insider said...

But at least they'll be pure!

The Bulletproof Monk said...

Unfortunately, on their minds, the breaking of rules and the infractions against thew Party Plan are all used "For the better good".
Can anyone else think of instances where bending a rule here and there has actually morphed into a full blown abuse of power granted?

Lovettsville Lady said...

Yes, pure, smog, and arrogant. That and a couple of bucks will buy you a beer. At least we can enjoy the beer!
LC is a lost cause, let's turn our attentions to electing Pat Herrity! Let the Loudoun clowns run their circus. Right into the ground. It's the only way to get rid of them for good.

Cathymac said...

You know I love you all, but LC is not a lost cause because you all are residents. I'm not advocating "unity" but I am hopeful on continued participation from everyone. I'm all for helping candidates outside our district, and whoever wins the Fimian/Herrity primary has my support, but 2011 is right around the corner. Please don't think me naive, merely hopeful.

The Bulletproof Monk said...

I'm still awaiting the outcome of the 10th District Convention before I jump ship. When the losing county slate comes down in 2011, they might have to deal with me again. I'm a true conservative, and I demand that candidates MEAN it when they say they'll lower taxes.....not just turn around and let developers go wild in a buildout that jacks everybody's taxes again. Lip Service won't cut it. I need to see candidates that are capable of running the BOS.....not handing out free party favors to the mega-builders as they roll in here again to rape Loudoun, and then leave with their money .....not so much as paying for any of the taxes or infrastructure that they left in their wake.