Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Breakfast with a Champion!

Bob McDonnell was impressive this morning. His vision for the transportation initiatives is well defined - despite what his opposition says. Read some of the 12 points here.

Basically, Deeds admitted (practically verbatim) that his first action as Governor would be to put together a plan.
Just as he admitted to having to raise taxes after he also promised not to -- Deeds was like a doe in the headlights in his performance and seemed to be spooked by the fact that McDonnell was even in the room...albeit that this debate did not pit them in head-on exchanges, as Fairfax did...

Deeds made an awful lot of noise about creating jobs...when every business owner in the room (this was a Chamber of Commerce event)already knew that another democrat is forcing Cap and Trade down their throats ...and that the end result of that legislation, should it pass... would rip jobs from the Commonwealth in massive numbers as small entrepenuers who are just hanging on will have to close their doors ...since they can't ask the already strained customers for more money in rates and materials.

Seems like just one more democrat who's so far out of touch with the very people who carry the state's largest freight. And that's enough reason to get him and Kaine as far away from the driver's seat as is possible.

Update: I've been bombarded with excellent McDonnell commercials. The one where the women tell us exactly how friendly he is to working women (having appointed 50% of his deputies as women) is especially enjoyed. I also like the one where the women in his life tell how he has influenced their rise to their accomplishments.

Deeds, on the other hand has gone negative, made up imagined scenarios and reached into thin air for solutions. In his course, he's thrown Obama, Kaine and Warner under the bus...and appears to want to go back in time to Baliles' policies instead of grasping the 21st century solutions that McDonnel is pointing out.

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